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How to Help Your Wedding Party Stay Debt Free

Decorations, flowers, guest lists, reception venues — the modern bride and groom have many things to consider when planning their perfect day. One thing they may not have considered: how they can help their bridesmaids and groomsmen stay free from wedding debt.

With expensive bachelorette parties and destination wedding becoming the new norm, members of the wedding party are spending hundreds, and sometimes thousands of dollars.

Many millennials are already facing a number of financial challenges, including a lack of permanent job opportunities and high student loan debt payments. So it’s no surprise that bridesmaids and groomsmen may be adding to their debt in order to celebrate the big day with their friend or family member.

How can the happy couple help their wedding party stay wedding debt free? Here are a few ideas:

Be understanding

Everyone has their own financial priorities and limitations. Although you would love it if all your bridesmaids could accompany you on your bachelorette trip to New York, it’s likely that some may not be able to afford it. If they choose to abstain from some of the pre-wedding events due to their budgets, it’s important to be understanding and respect their decision.

Offer to help out with costs

Another way to help your wedding party stay debt free is to help cover some of the costs of being a bridesmaid or groomsmen. For example, if you want all the groomsmen to purchase the same suit for your wedding, it may be a nice gesture to offer to pay for half the cost.

Keep it simple

Remember, a wedding isn’t really about the cake or decorations. Keeping it simple means focusing on the most important part: celebrating the commitment between you and your partner in front of family and friends. If you simplify at least some aspects of your wedding, you’ll not only help your wedding party stay free from debt, you may be able to avoid debt as well.

Have you cut wedding costs so friends or family members could afford to participate? Share your thoughts. #DebtSolutions #weddings

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